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We are uncovering better ways of
producing valuable, working Agile Transformations
by doing it and helping others do it
through the Agile Mentoring Program (AMP),
a self-organizing, cell-division framework.


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Executive / Leader

Would you like to implement an AMP at your company, but don't know how to start? Do you want to find out more about Agile Transformations that work? Are you tired of just checking off the box for "doing Agile" and not "being Agile?"

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Manager / Team Lead

Are you wondering how your role as a manager or team lead changes in an Agile culture? Want to know how to create the environment for Agile to thrive?

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Change Agent / Agilist

Have you been tasked with getting your organization to "do Agile?" Do you want to go from just doing the mechanics of Agile to embracing an Agile mindset? Would you like to implement an AMP at your company, but don't know how to start?

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Are you ready to take your organizational or personal Agile Transformation to the next level? Have you wondered how to go from "doing Agile" to "being Agile?" Have you had one or more "waves" of expensive contract Agile Coaches come in and help your Teams to "do Agile" just to have them leave and then muscle memory kicks in and your transformation falls apart? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you. Join us and other passionate Agilists who have started the "AMP Movement" realize Agile Transformations that actually work! Click here to learn more!


Are you a CSM, experienced Product Owner, or Agile Coach that is available for consulting, leading workshops, or contract work?

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"I started AMP with Coach Brian ... and it has transformed me ... I feel changed to my core. I am truly inspired by the program and your enthusiasm for Agile and your love for coaching." -- Oxana Wootton, ScrumMaster

"I have seen many teams take to Agile and, once the initial momentum wears off, start getting into a comfort zone. AMP is an important initiative to ensure an organization continues its Agile journey." -- MJ Janakiraman, Director

"I love AMP. The thoughtfulness, passion, consistency, the way you follow the change model to sustain agile - all resonates with me ... Brian's work, his generosity in sharing his experience and his knowledge with others, and his truly Agile mindset inspired the Agile Champions program we have launched at Dun & Bradstreet." -- Mariya Breyter, Director of Agile & Lean Practices